Tuesday, August 25, 2009

80s - Simply the Best

Why do I always think that the 80s were the best decade I’ve been asked by my daughter. Well hello, you keep remaking films from the 80s, you keep doing cover versions of 80s songs need I go on???

I’ve had a pretty busy year so I’m a little behind with the movie gossip (the problems with being a mum I guess), there was a time when as soon as someone even whispered any movie news I was hip to it, but not anymore.

It appears that a movie I liked from 1980 has been dragged into the noughties. This isn’t exactly a remake instead they are saying that it is ‘based’ on the original. Yes I’m talking about Fame – the movie, the song, the tv series, the legwarmers!

I loved the tv series of Fame and from there I read the book that the movie was based on. I don’t know when I actually saw the movie, but I don’t recall seeing it on the big screen, just on video. The Kids from Fame actually had a couple of hit records in the UK as well, I had a friend who owned both of them and we would go to her house at lunch times (she lived opposite the school) and make up dance routines to them!

Let’s hope that the noughties version of Fame can bring a smile to the faces of a whole new generation.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

John Hughes RIP

Wow, John Hughes has died. Aged only 59 he died of a heart attack, at least it was quick by all accounts.

It's hard to think of 80s movies without thinking of John Hughes with films such as The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Sixteen Candles John Hughes owned 80s teen movies. He didn't stop there though, he was still showing what he was made of during the 90s with the hit movie Home Alone to name just one.

What was the best John Hughes movie? It's so hard to say, I love Uncle Buck I think that John Candy played the role so well. Having said that Mr Mom was also fantastic and my hubby loves Ferris Bueller. Why don't you vote for what John Hughes movie was your favorite at The Best John Hughes Movie.

Monday, August 3, 2009

80s Music

I love 80s music, don't you? I can't decide what I prefer more the New Romantic sounds or the Soft Cell techno pop, the darkness of Depeche Mode's Blasphemous Rumours, the pop of Madonna, the dance sounds of both Michael and Janet Jackson, the power ballads, Bruce Springsteen.......I don't know where to start let alone where to finish!

What is 80s Music? is the start of my attempt to bring all of my 80s favorites together, it's a long way from complete, but I'd love your thoughts on it.

Watching all of the celebs bringing back the Wayfarers makes me think of Don Henley - hair slicked back and your wayfarers on (or words to that effect) and then hair slicked back is the girls from Robert Palmer's video.....who started this conversation!

Anyway - what is your favorite 80s song, genre or artist, don't leave me hanging here people!