Wednesday, December 8, 2010

80s T-Shirts

Is it just me or are people who aren't old enough to remember the 80s falling in love with the decade as well??? It seems as though everywhere I look people are wearing 80s t-shirts. During my last shift (5 hours in a shop)I saw 6, six, different types of 80s tees being worn by different people!

Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, I thought they were all very cool and wished I'd owned them myself! Soooo - do you have an 80s t-shirt? If you don't there are some great ones available all over the internet - you just have to think about what type of 80s shirt you want to wear in public!

Do you go for an 80s t-shirt of a favorite movie such as Sixteen Candles or Red Dawn?    There are some great 80s movie tees available and I've even compiled a list of them so if you think 80s movies are the type of t-shirt you'd like to wear you'll have to check this site out -

This site offers 80s t-shirts from a wide collection of 80s movies from A Nightmare on Elm Street right through to War Games!   I have a lot of trouble trying to think of my favorite 80s movies because there were so many great ones around - hubby always picks Ferris Bueller though so he would be happy to please!

Maybe when it comes to 80s t-shirts you'd rather celebrate your favorite 80s band??   There are soooo many of these 80s t-shirts around from the classic Frankie Say Relax to Bon Jovi, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears etc band tees. 

With lots of bands reforming and doing tours they're finding more and more money is made on the merchandising side of the concert.   I know this is certainly the case with me and from reading interviews I know I'm not alone.   As you'll know if you've been reading my blog regularly I was lucky enough to see Spandau Ballet perform their Reformation Tour in Australia.   Tears for Fears joined them for their Australian leg of the tour so I got to see two favorite 80s bands for the price of one!

I last saw Spandau Ballet during their Through the Barricades Tour and that time I was a teenage who had spent her money attending the concert, I certainly couldn't afford a lot of merchandise.   This time around I was in my 40s and alot more affluent so I stocked up on t-shirts, guitar picks, mugs.......I was the ultimate consumer!!

Every time I wear my Spandau Ballet t-shirt or Tears for Fears t-shirt it gets commented on from the 'oh did you get to see them' to the 'you do realize you're showing your age' type of comments!

Maybe you'd prefer your 80s t-shirt to remind people of your favorite 80s television show?   Luckily you can also find plenty of tees to remind us of what we were watching on the small box - I miss ALF he was cool!
I also really wanted to own a car just like KITT when I grew up, but that never happened!!!

Those were the days back when the Hoff was still cool, although not as cool as the Knight Industries Two Thousand he drove around in.

The Dukes of Hazzard is probably one of my hubby's favorite television shows of the 80s, although we also both loved the A-Team.    As a brief aside to this discussion of 80s t-shirts, we saw the latest A Team movie the other week and I thoroughly enjoyed it.   I always worry when they try and remake old favorites, but I recommend it if you're looking for an action packed movie to watch over the holiday season.

Of course there are just so many other ideas for 80s t-shirts that you can use, I saw a child who must've been about 5 wearing an awesome Space Invaders t-shirt - I so wanted that.....not that it would've fitted me mind you!

Anyway I'm going to leave you now to ponder on what 80s t-shirt you'd most like to wear and let you see a selection of 80s t-shirts from Zazzle.

Gamer t-shirt shirt
Gamer t-shirt by Foozyo
Create a customized t-shirt at zazzle

Radio 365-24-7 shirt
Radio 365-24-7 by globitron

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blondie and The Pretenders

The countdown is on and I'm not talking about Christmas even if dd has started her advent calendar! In ten days I am going to see Blondie and the Pretenders at an open air concert otherwise billed as the Day on the Green. I went to a Day on the Green concert earlier in the year and thoroughly enjoyed it, this time the bands are even more significant to me!

Blondie's Parallel Lines was the first cassette tape I ever brought, I can still remember going into WH Smiths with my gift certificate and buying it and then absolutely thrashing it to death. I know purists are all shouting that wasn't the 80s it was the late 70s. I think it was 1979, but I don't care because Blondie continued to produce some great singles in the 80s - The Tide is High being one of the biggest that I can think of and of course we can't forget Atomic and Island of Lost Souls.

When my hubby found out about this event he didn't even bother to contact me (I was overseas) instead he confirmed it for both of us and held his breath while he asked me! He was pretty confident that I'd want to see Blondie and he knew he wanted to see The Pretenders.....our dd will just have to enjoy it! Mind you she loves any live music so that shouldn't be a problem.

My hubby always seems to forget that I like the Pretenders as well (he always thinks it's his band!!) but from the sassy Brass in Pocket to the absolutely beautiful Hymn to Her I think The Pretenders (and Chrissy Hynde's voice in particular) are fantastic as well.

I will of course report back to you about how good they are, I must admit I'm getting quite excited. The only downside is that the weather has turned to custard a little bit and the long range forcast is for rain. I might go shopping for a raincoat just in case, one thing is for certain - me, hubby, daughter and four other friends will be there with bells on....we'll all (the adults that is)also forget that we're no longer teenagers :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gift Ideas | 80s Technology | Reminising

Are you looking for some gift ideas for someone who's 'stuck in the 80s'? I have come across some great 80s inspired iphone cases.

The one pictured is quite ironic with 'the brick' it reminds me of Gordon Gecko. Everyone wanted a brick, the real symbol of success. I can remember the first mobile phone my hubby brought.....not quite as bad as a brick as it was the 90s, but the weight would cause one of his pairs of shorts to fall down! Not so with the light iphones! Let's face it without the brick we would never have evolved to the iphone.

The 80s really do seem to have been at the forefront of bringing cyber-technology into everyday homes. Personal Computers.....even if the early ones ran on tapes and you had to learn BBC Basic to operate them! Gaming Consoles.....the evolution from pong to pacman and now Wii system is amazing.

Cassette tapes and vinyl were on their way out as the 80s entered it's dying years and cds started to outsell vinyl? Now we can combine our favorite 80s music with our iphone ringing've gotta love progress!

As we progress it's great to look back at a great time in our life - the 80s - in all it's glory and you can do that in a number of ways from the 80s iphone collection, listening to the best 80s music or re-living the 80s through reminising. Talking of reminising I read Gary Kemp's autobiography recently andit really is like he's sat there reminiscing with you.....mind you Boy George was never making snide comments at me and Johnny Rotten never came running into the toilets at any club I was at, but you know what I mean! If you're interested in a great read or just looking for a gift for someone who loved the New Romantic movement then check out my review of Gary Kemp's Autobiography - I Know This Much: From Soho to Spandau.

Monday, September 20, 2010

What is 80s Music?

My dd simply rolls her eyes at alot of my musical choices, but she was listening to a song the other day and was shocked to find it was from the 80s because it had a great guitar sound to it!!! I really need to educate that girl! Anyway she asked me what is 80s music and I realised just how hard that is to answer.

There's the rock of Bon Jovi and Poison and you can't leave out Bruce Springsteen. Then you have the pop of Madonna, Fun Boy Three and Bananarama. The New Romantics movement, house music and goth were also embraced by the 80s. Trying to explain that a lot of the 80s music scene was about diversity was really difficult.

I think most of the people I know seem to think of the pop of the 80s when they talk about 80s music, but it really was so much more than that. I think at times the 80s compilation cds that we can buy have made us forget some of the less mainstream sounds that blasted out from our ghetto blasters or sony walkmans (the cassette tape version).

I took her to see the Proclaimers and the B52s earlier this year and in December she'll be able to experience Blondie and the Pretenders so perhaps she'll start to appreciate 80s music more.

What was your favorite type of music to listen to during the 80s??

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Madonna, Madonna, Madonna

Madonna's 80s Collection

Madonnas vinyl record covers from the 80s
Photo of Madonna's Album Covers by Author

Madonna found fame in the 1980s producing 4 chart topping albums. Madonna seemed able to tune into the winds of change just before they occured and reinvented herself several times.

Songs such as Holiday and Lucky Star from her first album the self-titled Madonna catapulted her to stardom. With her resulting chart topping success throughout the rest of the eighties Madonna became a superstar and the rest as they say is history.

Not only was Madonna singing and dancing her way to stardom, she was also acting in movies such as Desperately Seeking Susan and Shanghai Surprise, as the 80s drew to a close she was working on the movie Dick Tracy with Warren Beatty.

Madonna's album Madonna

Madonna's first album was the self titled Madonna. It featured the singles Holiday, Borderline and Lucky Star.

This album was pure pop and was exactly what was needed in the early 80s. Madonna jumped into the limelight with all of her energy. She had bleach blonde hair and wore dozens of bangles.

These songs will still get people onto the dance floor 25 years later. The unpolished performance of Madonna in 1983 compared to now is quite interesting.

Madonna LP cover with inner sleeve
Madonna Album Cover & Inner Sleeve by author

This album is a must for any Madonna fan or even an 80s music lover as it documents the birth of -

The Queen of Pop

Madonna's album Like A Virgin - Madonna's second album

Madonna's second album gave us the singles Like A Virgin, Material Girl, Angel, Dress You Up & Into The Groove.

Like a Virgin
The title track Like A Virgin caused widespread controversy which 'little catholic girl' Madonna lapped up. The album continued on with the pop sound of her first album with Dress You Up and Into The Groove becoming 80s dance club staples.

Material Girl was a tongue in cheek look at the 'buy it now' generation. She tried to morph into Marilyn Monroe's character from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, this was really our first taste of how Madonna could reinvent herself.

Madonna really embraced the MTV culture and worked on giving a good show as well as singing her best. She was always working on her dancing as she realised how important the complete package was.

She also realised the importance of video, in fact in Material Girl the video runs longer than the song telling a story.

Her single Into The Groove as well as being a big hit in dance clubs was also the 3rd best selling single of 1985 in the UK.

LIke a Virgin by Madonna vinyl LP cover and inner sleeve
Madonna's Like a Virgin LP Cover & Inner Sleeve by author

Madonna Branches Out

1985 was a year for consolidating on her pop music success. Not only did Madonna start her first US tour - The Virgin Tour - she also did some mainstream acting.

The Virgin Tour was really big and was the reason she was unable to be a part of the Feed The World single. She did perform at the Live Aid concert however.

The beginning of the year saw Madonna make a brief appearance in the movie Vision Quest. Later in the year she would co-star in Desperately Seeking Susan with Rosanna Arquette.

Vision Quest
Matthew Modine stars in this coming of age movie as a high school wrestler. He doesn't have much support from his father and sets about trying to achieve his goal on his own -enter Linda Fiorentino.

His father rents out the spare room to a drifter, played by Linda Fiorentino, promptly our hero falls for this older woman. She helps him to focus on his goal - does he make it? Well that would be telling.

Madonna's performance is as a lead singer in a local band - not a big stretch for her. She performs her hit song Crazy for You. The movie is credited with helping her song Crazy for You become her second US number one hit.

Desperately Seeking Susan
This likeable comedy is about a case of mistaken identity. I believe this has been Madonna's best movie role and Rosanna Arquette is also great in what is a cult 80s film.

Rosanna's character is that of a bored suburban housewife while Madonna plays a free spirited NY drifter.

Madonna's Album True Blue - Madonna's third album

Madonna's third album featured the singles Live to Tell, Papa Don't Preach, True Blue, Open Your Heart and La Isla Bonita.

True Blue
True Blue shows Madonna's growing confidence and maturity. It also has my favorite Madonna track - Papa Don't Preach, although controversal at the time I think it is a great song. I'm not the only person who appreciated this song as it was the ninth best selling single of 1986 in the UK.

With the ballad Live to Tell, Madonna was able to silence her critics as it really showed off her singing ability.

La Isla Bonita hints to us that Madonna hasn't finished her ability to become a musical chameleon which in hind sight we have come to realise that she never will!

Madonna released her album True Blue in 1986, the same year as she starred with her then husband Sean Penn in the movie Shanghai Surprise.

True Blue vinyl record sleeve cover & inner sleeve
True Blue LP Cover & Inner Sleeve by author

Madonna also made her first appearance as a stage actress alongside Sean Penn in Goose and Tom-Tom.

The following year in 1987 Madonna starred in another movie called Who's That Girl. She contributed four songs to the movie's soundtrack and embarked on another tour. This tour was called Who's That Girl?

Madonna also released an album of her past hits in 1987 called You Can Dance.

1987 also saw the town of Pacentro start to construct a statue of Madonna in a bustier. Madonna's Ciccone grandparents emigrated to America from Pacentro.

Pope John Paul II urged Catholics to stay away from Madonna's Who's That Girl tour as she began her Italian leg of the tour.

Shanghai Surprise (Special Edition)
This movie stars husband and wife duo Sean Penn and Madonna. It is set in 1930s China and has been described as anything from mediocre to a disaster.

The film was such a total flop that plans to release the soundtrack (by the talented George Harrison) were scrapped.

Considering that Sean Penn and Madonna were married and supposedly in love there is no chemistry between them at all.

Who's That Girl? (1987)
This screwball comedy was panned by critics, although Madonna received some really good comments for critics for her performance. Including "Madonna is sexy and funny - a very engaging comedian.

It may not be an award winning movie but if you like films such as Superbad then you should 'go retro' and watch Who's That Girl. It has some hilarious moments along with a great soundtrack.

Madonna's Like a Prayer Album - Madonna's fourth album

Madonna's fourth album features the singles: Like a Prayer, Express Yourself, Cherish, Oh Father, Dear Jessie & Keep it Together.

Like a Prayer
This album was the first one that Madonna seemed to recieve BOTH critical and commercial success with. It shows a lot of maturity in her singing as well as her versatility. Rolling Stone magazine actually said the album was as close to art as pop music gets.

According to Time magazine in 2006 the Like A Prayer album made the list as one of the greatest 100 albums of all time

n 1988, the year before releasing Like a Prayer, Madonna appeared as Karen in the stage performance of Speed the Plow.

In 1989 the film Bloodhounds of Broadway was released. Starring Madonna & Josef Sommer this film is set during the roaring 20s with gangsters and go-go girls. It is worth watching if only to see a young Steve Buscemi and Randy Quaid.

Leaving the 80s Madonna was co-starring next to Hollywood heavyweight Warren Beatty in Dick Tracy. Dick Tracy would be released in 1990.

Madonna also tried out for a role on the hit television series Fame. Although Madonna was unsuccessful in getting a role she did write a couple of songs for the series.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Top of the Pops

If you were a teen in the UK during the 80s then Top of the Pops or TOTP was compulsory viewing on a Thursday night. Presenters such as Jimmy (Jim’ll Fix It) Saville, Mike Read and Dave Lee Travis would take us through our top selling singles of the week.....of course we’d all heard the charts on the Radio One show on a Sunday night, but we never knew who would be on TOTPs.

I first saw Wham on TOTP before they’d had a hit single……the following week they were in the charts!

The first number one chart hit of May 1981 was Stars on 45 by Starsound followed by Adam and the Ants with Stand and Deliver the next week. I can still remember the first time I saw Adam and the Ants perform Stand and Deliver on TOTP – I must admit I preferred the video – I did like that video !!

The first number one hit in May of 1982 was I Won’t Let You Down by PhD, I was trying to think who sang that a while ago and now I know! I really didn’t remember it being that early on in the 80s though.

Entering May in 1983 and we have Spandau Ballet’s only UK number one single – True, I was absolutely ecstatic when True hit number one, but not nearly as happy as those Islington boys who celebrated by partying on a boat on the Thames.

The first number one of May 1984 was by Spandau’s rivals Duran Duran and was called The Reflex. I didn’t mind Duran Duran although I would never have admitted it back in the 80s you were a Spandau fan or a Duranie and I knew which one I was and it wasn’t a Duranie!!

The first number one in May 1985 was Paul Hardcastle with his anti-Vietnam song 19.

I always recorded the top 40 off of the radio every week onto my cassette tape so that I could play it while doing my homework – highly illegal I know, but the tapes no longer exist. Do you still have any cassette tapes? I found some really cool gift ideas to remind Gen Xers of cassette tapes including these two here –

Well I have to leave the hits there for now as it’s time to get back to the 21st century – it’s a little different to Buck Roger’s vision isn’t it LOL

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The A Team

When I was at the movies a few days ago I saw a preview of the A Team movie, it looks great, but will it be as good as I remember the A Team television series being? I pity the fool who never got to watch it, it was one of the shows that I was glued to.....and we didn’t watch much television in our house (in fact we went without tv for a few years, but that’s a whole new story).

It will be interesting to see how Liam Neeson (Hannibal), Bradley Cooper (Face), Sharlto Copley (Maddog) and Quinton Jackson (BA) do in comparison to the classic team of Peppard, Benedict, Schultz and Mr T.

You can buy the complete series in this limited edition set which has a picture of Mr T driving the A Team van which would make it a great gift idea. Personally after seeing the shorts for the new movie I really want to watch the old series again and it’s my birthday soon so I’m dropping a few hints!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spandau Ballet & Tears for Fears Concert Reviews

If you haven't had a chance to see Spandau Ballet's Reformation tour for yourself then you can check out my review on my squidoo lens.

Living in Australia these days has it's advantages and one of them was the fact that Spandau Ballet had some very special guest performers - Tears for Fears. I have never ever seen TFF perform before and so guess what? That's right I wrote a review of their performance as well as a bit about the band on my Tears for Fears lens, complete with some photos taken last night.

Spandau Ballet Reformation Tour

Well Spandau Ballet with very special guests – Tears for Fears hit Brisbane last night with a big stick of nostalgia – I loved it! First up we had a support band called Boom Crash Opera who were fantastic, I don’t know much about them, but the singers voice was really good. Then it was time for Tears for Fears….

Tears for Fears opened with ‘Mad World’ and from the opening chords the crowd just erupted to their feet and I was instantly transported back to the 80s – our trip down memory lane had begun in earnest and it only got better! The other big hits that got the crowd going was'Everybody Wants to Rule the World,' ‘Head over Heels,’ ‘Woman in Chains’ and the final song that they performed – ‘Shout.’ It was a great warm up for what was to come. I had never seen Tears for Fears in concert before, but they seem to have a really good sense of humor.

Finally the time for Spandau Ballet had arrived and all I can say was WOW! They were just as good, if not better, than when I last saw them on their last tour. Tony’s voice seems to be getting stronger and the whole band still looked like they were having fun. The stage show included pictures and video from their past as well which really helped to add to the nostalgia. They did change a couple of the songs, one successfully the other not so – in my opinion anyway.

Overall the show was sensational and I’ll post a link here when I write my full review and photos – Spandau Still Rules!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Red Dawn

I was in a group interview a couple of months ago (I didn’t get the job, but I did make it pass this part of the 3 day process) and we had to name as many Patrick Swayze movies as we could. When I mentioned Red Dawn one of the interviewers was very impressed, it seems we both share a love of this classic 80s cold war movie.

I saw this movie with my little brother and thoroughly enjoyed it. Obviously it’s a movie so you some of it was very contrived, but the premise behind it seemed very real to many people who were living during that political climate. I think it spoke to us as young people on a number of levels and one of these had to be the way we knew our local area.

During the 80s I feel as though kids had a lot more freedom with where they could go without their parents panicking. My brother and I decided that we would try and get home from the movies without anyone seeing us, obviously after we left the main street that housed the cinema. We also had a time restraint because we were supposed to go straight home. It really was amazing how far we managed to get before anyone saw us (we lived on a main road so we could only get to that road before we were caught), we knew so many back alleys and pieces of private property that you could easily cut through. I think we were convinced that we could ward off an army because they wouldn’t know the area as well as us......bear in mind there were no Google maps in those days and the town maps available never showed these alleyways that we knew.

Anyway I’m digressing here, but I really enjoyed the movie Red Dawn and if you did too then check out the link to watch the trailer and add your thoughts to my review.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two Tribes – Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Naming themselves after a headline about Frank Sinatra Frankie Goes To Hollywood or FGTH for short shocked everyone with their first single Relax. Their follow up single Two Tribes was about the cold war and the video featured both the Russian and US Presidents going toe to toe. These days the song still stirs people up and is often used at different sporting events.

In our household the 3 members of our family all support different teams so we have some interesting times watching the games and I find this song stuck in my head.....sometimes because it’s playing in the pre-game show, but other times because footy teams (whether Rugby League, Union, Soccer, American Football etc) do seem to be a tribe. Anyway enjoy my lens on the song – Two Tribes by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Friday, April 16, 2010

80s Oscars

I loved going to the movies during the 80s although I must admit I didn’t pay much attention to the Oscars at that stage – I was too busy going out and having fun :) Years later I decided to see what movies won the Oscars and I ended up writing Oscars of the 80s, I was surprised by some of the now classics that weren’t included in the nominations and then I thought about recent years and the surprise disappeared!

These are the movies that historians will think reflect what were all enjoyed during the 80s and don’t get me wrong there are some great movies there, but when you’re reminiscing with friends are they the movies you talk about? My hubby’s favorite is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I often tell the story of when I saw A Nightmare on Elm Street at the movies with my best friend.

When you talk 80s movies you think of Top Gun, Back to the Future, Rambo and The Breakfast Club, but these will probably be ignored by historians unless we make sure to blog/write about what are our favorite movies of the 80s.

What’s yours? Do you want to save Ferris or fight with the Wolverines or pretend your dead host is still alive while you party all weekend?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Soft Cell

Where would the 80s be without Soft Cell, although this duo are thought of as a one hit wonder everywhere outside of the UK they still are intrinsically tied up with 80s music. Tainted Love is instantly recognizable around the world and as soon as you hear that boom boom in the song you’re dragged straight back to the 80s and if you’re me you’re on a dance floor in one of a couple of nightclubs showing off your stuff!! My hubby professes not to like Soft Cell (silly man!), but even his toes tap when the song comes on.

There are lots of songs that take me back, but I think Tainted Love does that for a lot of people – what do you think is the most memorable 80s song?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I love the 80s, I think that’s evident, but what year is the best? I’m still undecided about this, but there certainly were a lot of things happening in 1986. I can still remember hearing the news about Chernobyl and I just felt really cold it was frightening. There was even discussions about it affecting parts of the UK where I was living, luckily I was in the South West and so in all likelihood would be fine.

Check out The Year was 1986 and let me know what was happening in your life during 1986 and what events you think I need to add.....I really should add more on Chernobyl and Mount St Helens, but there are so many other things to write about it’s hard to know what to dwell on :)

What year would you be interested in me writing about next???

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Now That's What I Call The 80s!

I often pick up 80s cds and have a look. So many of the compilations I have are pretty similar, but then I'll see one and remember a particular song and buy it just for the one track!!I spotted Now Thats What I Call The 80s cds on Amazon today and I recalled all of the vinyl records we had at home during the 80s, the Now That's What I Call range seemed to release a couple of lps every year - I wonder where all of ours went?

The volume two cd that I've featured here has the song Toy Soldiers by Martika which doesn't appear on any of my other compilations. I loved her first album - the self titled Martika and the two songs that I can remember from it - 'Toy Soldiers' and 'I Feel The Earth Move.' At the time I prefered the song 'I Feel The Earth Move' to 'Toy Soldiers,' but now I'm not sure which one I prefer - what about you?

Other tracks on the cd are also great with Lionel Ritchie Dancing on the Ceiling taking me back to High School and one particular school disco....enough said!

Whitney Houston, The Police, Robert Palmer - the album is fantastic so if you're feeling in the mood for some 80s music this weekend check out the track listings.....and if you're like me listen to them on youtube!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Spandau Ballet

Well I’m sooooo excited I just received my Spandau Ballet concert tickets in the mail today and I feel like I’m young again! I was still living in the UK the last time they toured and I saw them at their Bornemouth concert, I have to say they were f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c! Not long after that concert I moved down under and discovered that Spandau Ballet weren’t actually as big outside of the UK :(

Anyway I’m so glad they’re playing in my new home town here in Australia and I can’t wait until April because it is going to be Gold! Sorry, I couldn’t resist that pun.

Not only are Spandau Ballet performing, but Tears for Fears are their special guests which is how I convinced my hubby to tag along with me :D I loved their Songs from the Big Chair album so I’m getting very excited to hear them as well.

Am I worried about the guys all looking older? Well yes because that means that I’ve aged….oh hang on I see that when I look in the mirror! Let’s just hope that the music’s still good and the voices are still going strong. I’ve been reading reviews of Spandau Ballet’s other tour shows and apparently Tony Hadley’s voice is even stronger…..don’t know about Tears for Fears though – do you?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sunglasses At Night

Have you checked out what our celebs are wearing on their faces this summer, in fact the trend has been sneaking back in for a few years now – Wayfarers. Now I know that they were around a long time before the 80s, but I think we really made them look good!!!

So come on and tell me how many pairs of Wayfarers did YOU own?

Next question – how many of you are singing Boys of Summer in your head right now? You know the line I’m talking about…..”you got that hair slicked back and those wayfarers on baby…”

You can check out Wayfarers in all their glory at the appropriately named Wayfarer Sunglasses!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pac Man

If you are feeling nostalgic for 80s video games you can play Pac Man and Space Invaders for free on your computer now, or get versions for your Playstation or Wiis even for your mobile phone! If you know someone who loves the classics though, what about baking them a cake?

Ideal for 40th birthday parties and the like a Pac Man cake can be quite easy to make and produce so many compliments you’ll be blushing for days! If you don’t know where to start then check out Pac Man Baking.

What better gift to accompany the cake than an 80s gamer tee? There are so many different types to choose from.

If you don’t like this one then check my collection out at 80s gamer tees.