Wednesday, December 5, 2012

80s Video Game Belt Buckles

I can still remember the first video game we ever had, my dad brought it home and we had to connect it up to our television - what was it? Pong, of course! After Pong we had classic games such as Space Invaders and Pac Man, compare these basic games to the likes of Halo that we have today and you get blown away by the advances in technology. 

If you grew up during the 80s or are a lover of video game history then you'll have a soft spot for some of these retro video games and what better way of showing your love than with a gamer belt buckle?   I've found a great selection of them at Retro Video Games Belt Buckles.

I must admit seeing Howard from the Big Bang Theory wearing different 'retro' belt buckles does give me pause about buying one (after all I really don't want to be compared to him!) and then I look at them and my sense of nostalgia takes over :)

These belt buckles really would make awesome gift ideas especially for gamers who are coming up to some big birthdays. Most of these games can now be played for free online so you could include the website address in with the gift so that they can take a step back in time and beat their previously high score. Between you and me I can absolutely blitz Space Invaders.....I just wish I could step back in time for a day just to prove to a certain person that girls can get high scores on that game!!!

Here's a couple of the belt buckles in question -

Licensed Pac-Man Game Board Belt Buckle

Nintendo Controller Belt Buckle

What do you think?   I love the Pac Man one myself, but there's also a Space Invaders one on the site at the moment and I much preferred playing Space Invaders to Pac Man!