Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I love the 80s, I think that’s evident, but what year is the best? I’m still undecided about this, but there certainly were a lot of things happening in 1986. I can still remember hearing the news about Chernobyl and I just felt really cold it was frightening. There was even discussions about it affecting parts of the UK where I was living, luckily I was in the South West and so in all likelihood would be fine.

Check out The Year was 1986 and let me know what was happening in your life during 1986 and what events you think I need to add.....I really should add more on Chernobyl and Mount St Helens, but there are so many other things to write about it’s hard to know what to dwell on :)

What year would you be interested in me writing about next???

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