Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gift Ideas | 80s Technology | Reminising

Are you looking for some gift ideas for someone who's 'stuck in the 80s'? I have come across some great 80s inspired iphone cases.

The one pictured is quite ironic with 'the brick' it reminds me of Gordon Gecko. Everyone wanted a brick, the real symbol of success. I can remember the first mobile phone my hubby brought.....not quite as bad as a brick as it was the 90s, but the weight would cause one of his pairs of shorts to fall down! Not so with the light iphones! Let's face it without the brick we would never have evolved to the iphone.

The 80s really do seem to have been at the forefront of bringing cyber-technology into everyday homes. Personal Computers.....even if the early ones ran on tapes and you had to learn BBC Basic to operate them! Gaming Consoles.....the evolution from pong to pacman and now Wii system is amazing.

Cassette tapes and vinyl were on their way out as the 80s entered it's dying years and cds started to outsell vinyl? Now we can combine our favorite 80s music with our iphone ringing've gotta love progress!

As we progress it's great to look back at a great time in our life - the 80s - in all it's glory and you can do that in a number of ways from the 80s iphone collection, listening to the best 80s music or re-living the 80s through reminising. Talking of reminising I read Gary Kemp's autobiography recently andit really is like he's sat there reminiscing with you.....mind you Boy George was never making snide comments at me and Johnny Rotten never came running into the toilets at any club I was at, but you know what I mean! If you're interested in a great read or just looking for a gift for someone who loved the New Romantic movement then check out my review of Gary Kemp's Autobiography - I Know This Much: From Soho to Spandau.

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