Monday, January 10, 2011

The Electronic Trike - 1985

Do you remember Clive Sinclair's Electronic Trike?   I was recently watching a program on Foxtel about inventions that didn't make it and the Electronic Trike was definately a commercial failure, but it was surreal when they showed on and I said to my hubby I remember them!

Now I never actually saw one in real life, but I remember them being shown on television, it looked fantastic and best of all (as I couldn't yet get my drivers licence) you didn't need a licence to drive one!

I remember seeing these in 1985 and thinking how they looked quite futuristic like something that Buck Rogers might be comfortable in. Essentially though the safety factor wouldn't have been very high at all and I'm glad that I couldn't afford to buy one (not sure if my parents would've let me have one anyway!)

Essentially it was a milk float crossed with a trike. This picture is brought to you thanks to the BBC archives and on there it even reports that these electronic trike's have managed to acquire something of a cult status. This has meant that if you ended up buying one in 1985 and it was still in mint condition you could triple your money or more in todays market.

Now why didn't I keep more things from the 80s? Oh that's right, I was too busy enjoying the decade and having fun LOL.

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