Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fishnet Fingerless Gloves

Do you remember the fishnet fingerless gloves that were all the rage during the 80s? - I think it was Madonna that caused that fashion trend, although I could be wrong be sure to let me know if you think/know it was someone else.

I know I had a black pair - how I got this black pair is a hilarious story (well I think so anyway). For some reason I hadn't brought myself any, but my aunt and godmother gave me some as a birthday gift. This aunt was my dad's favorite sister, but very nearly gave him a heart attact.....let me tell you the story.

My aunt gave me a birthday gift and when I opened it up it was a holdall bag, on opening this I saw more gifts wrapped up inside (yes I was getting spoilt!) I opened up one gift and it was a black tube, when I pulled the white plastic stopper out of one end all you could see was black lace - my dad nearly had a fit, you see you could buy some very sexy black lace undies that came in the same containers - I pulled the black lace out to reveal elbow length black fishnet fingerless gloves! My dad's breathing returned to normal and my aunt remained his favorite sister!!

It's funny that my dd is now wanting fishnet fingerless gloves herself, in fact Santa got her a pair at Christmas, but she wants a collection of them in different colors. I decided not to tell her they were very 80s, I keep that conversation for more expensive things!

We went shopping yesterday as we need to buy some new suitcases for our holiday (our old ones got water damaged during the floods), dd came across this scarf she really wanted to buy, but it was way out of the price I was willing to pay for a scarf she'd hardly ever wear. Not wanting to be a 'mean mum' yet again and not lying to her either I quickly said - wow that's awesome, you know I used to have one just like it in the 80s. The scarf was dropped quicker than a scolding piece of coal and we could move on!


  1. isn't it interesting how fashion comes and goes? my girls are in to wearing these now.

  2. I wish I'd kept a lot of my things - I'd have made a fortune on ebay selling retro clothing!!