Tuesday, April 23, 2013

80s Television

Do you remember 80s television - when it didn't run programs from 24 hours instead at a certain time the test pattern was shown like this -

More importantly, of course, were the programs.   There were so many great programs during the 80s it's hard to know where to start with a favorite - ALF, Different Strokes, LA Law, the A Team, the list goes on.

One man who was responsible for quite a volume of 80s television was Aaron Spelling and because of him we watched a myriad of programs such as Hart to Hart, Charlies Angels, Hotel and TJ Hooker.   Check out all of his contributions to our television set during the glorious decade that was the 80s - Aaron Spelling's 80s TV.

Of course he couldn't get all of the good programs and there's one with a catch phrase that will continue until all of the children of the 80s are gone - get the shirt and tell me the name of the program in the comments -

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